Stacey-Ann Wilson, PhD

Senior Lecturer, Culture and International Political Economy

Stacey-Ann Wilson, PhD, a political scientist who focusses on culture and international political economy, is a Senior Lecturer at the University of the West Indies, Mona, in the Department of Government. She has worked as a university lecturer in the United States and Australia as well as a consultant in democratic governance, community development, social inclusion and community engagement in Australia, Canada and the English-Speaking Caribbean. 
Dr. Wilson has more than eighteen (18) years of international research, policy development and policy and programme appraisal experience.  She has designed, developed and managed a number of community development projects, entrepreneurship ecosystem programs, business development workshops, capacity building training modules, and research projects for both academia, government, non-government organisations and the private sector.
She has more than twenty (20) years of entrepreneurial experience. Her experience spans different sectors including: hospitality, healthcare, artist management, film production, agriculture (cannabis), business development services and technology.
In the Caribbean, she is the co-director of Founder Institute Jamaica Chapter, the world’s premier pre-seed accelerator; co-founder of JunkSion X Labs (Jamaica)– a digital fabrication lab; co-founder of Block eM Ledger (St. Lucia) – a blockchain and emerging technology consulting firm; and a principal consultant with the cannabis consultancy and research and development startup I Grow Unlimited (Jamaica).
In Canada, she is the principal of StartUp Ventures Inc., a business dedicated to assisting minority startup founders. She is a director and chief strategist for Cam-Raw Inc., a patent holding invention research and development startup.