Marcus Day, D.Sc.

Research Scientist, St. Lucia

Marcus Day, Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) Geography, Buxton University) is the Director of the Caribbean Drug & Alcohol Research Institute based in Castries, Saint Lucia. Under his leadership for the past 14 years, CDARI has studied the overlap between drug use and HIV infection on vulnerable populationsDr Day is a long time advocate for the use of therapeutic cannabis and general drug policy reform in the Caribbean. He has written extensively on the application of the principles of harm reduction in the non-injecting environments of LAC and was l;ead author on a UNODC guidance tool on Stimulant Use and HIV. He is currently servicing as guest editor for a special edition of Drugs and Alcohol Today entitled ChemSex and the Right to Pleasure.He is a founding member of the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities and the past Co-Chair of the CVC Board of Governors.  He has served as the technical advisor for the Caribbean regional prison superintendents association and technical advisor under the 9thEDF to CARICOM for HIV and Dug use. Dr Day was a member of the core group of the UN Reference group on Injecting Drugs and HIV and a leading expert on sexual transmission of HIV associated with non-injecting crack cocaine use.He has served as principal investigator on research projects:Youth, Crime and Violence in Saint LuciaCrack cocaine and HIV Risk Street Drug Users in Saint Lucia andDrug use and HIV Risk Behaviours among Caribbean MSM community.Dr Day is the co-editor of the 2001 volume on drug use in the Caribbean entitled “Caribbean Drugs, from Criminalisation to Harm Reduction (Zed Publishing London, 2004), the 2005 Manual of Alternative Sentencing in the Caribbean and a contributor in the 2009 Ian Randal published volume entitled Sexuality, Social Exclusion and Human Rights with an article entitled Drugs Obscure the Human Rights Issues for Drug Users Are Demons and Jumbies Rights Holders?